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Process Description
 The main raw materials used for manufacturing calcium silicate are lime, hydrochloric acid and sodium silicate.
Burnt lime is treated with hydrochloric acid to produce calcium chloride.  The addition of acid should be so calculated and adjusted that almost a neutral solution is obtained.  The clear solution of calcium chloride is decanted from the top.  A portion of calcium chloride is taken in evaporators and crystallized in suitable crystallizers.  The remaining part of calcium chloride solution is then treated with a clear sodium silicate, when calcium silicate is precipitated out.  The precipitate is centrifuged, washed, dried and packed in suitable containers.

The washed out solution of Calcium silicate production can cause to contaminate surface and ground waters, and land.  To make the manufacturing process environment friendly it is necessary to have a waste disposal and treatment basin. 

Major equipments

Tray drier 
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