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Beer production process with flow chart

Beer production process with flow chart

Raw Materials

Major raw materials in beer production are Malt, additional raw materials (corn or rice) and hops.

Malt, Malt adjuncts, such as corn or rice, are crushed and stored in silos. Starch in malt adjuncts and malt is converted into liquefied starch and the soluble malt starch into dextrin and malt sugars in (6) and (7). The resulting

mash mixed with the rest of the mash in (7) is used to prepare wort. The wort is separated from insoluble ingredients in (8) and is run into boiler pan (9). In the boiler pan, the wort is concentrated to the desired strength, all enzymes are destroyed, certain proteins are coagulated, its malty odor is modified and aroma from hops in extracted. Once separated, the wort is cooled in wort cooler (12) to facilitate the start of fermentation. The cooled wort is mixed with selected yeasts and conversion of sugar to carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol takes place. The produced beer is cooled in beer cooler (18) and filtered in (19) before bottling in (21).

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