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Production of Paper from straw

The basic process of making paper from straw involves two stages: The first stage is the breaking up of wheat straw in water to form a pulp (i.e. a suspension of fibers). In this stage the wheat straw is first cut and then cooked. This is followed by some form of treatment, such as beating and refining, to enhance the quality of the final product. Before paper making is conducted, stock and chemical preparation is made. The second stage represents the formation of sheet paper. This involves formation of sheet in the mould, pressing and drying often under pressure. Finally paper is cut into the required size by the cutter machine.

The alternative production technology makes use of a process that involves the use of manual labor in the washing, pulping and the formation of sheet in the mould. Although this approach requires lower investment, it is used in a less standard and low volume production and hence is not suitable for the quality product proposed by the envisaged plant.
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