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Modern Garment Making Process

Making of men's dress shirt involves the following major steps.

1) Cutting Process

In the cutting process, the cloth is cut to the proper sizes, then is inspected, assorted, and arranged to facilitate flow to the sewing process. Cut cloth must be combined with the interlining, if to be applied. The cutting process consists of the following four processes:

(1) Drawing

A paper pattern is placed on the cloth and the pattern is copied on the cloth.

(2) Cloth Laying

The cloth is spread and piled on the cutting table.

(3) Cutting

The cloth is cut by a knife-type cutting machine or a die cutting machine.

(4) Arrangement

The cut cloth and interlining are inspected, assorted, and bundled, and a slip is attached to the bundle.

2) Sewing Process

In the sewing process, the cut cloth is sewn one by one and the whole cloths are made into the finished product. Generally, each part of shirt is made at different section and the shirt is made in an integrating way. As the workers become specialized the work is mastered in a short time, and efficiency is improved. 80 % of the direct labor of the sewing factory serves for the sewing process.

3) Finishing Process

In the finishing process the completely sewn shirt is inspected, pressed for body finishing and collar finishing, ironed to the proper shape and then folded and packaged.

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