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Fertilizer From Crushed Bone, Production Process

Before processing, the bone is cleaned to remove foreign materials. Then it is crushed to facilitate further processing. Fat is extracted using gasoline as a solvent. The next step is the separation of glue. Glue is extracted by boiling bone under 1.5 – 2.0 bar steam. The last step is

the chemical transformation of the
tri-calcium phosphate (the bone material from which fat and glue were removed) to normal super phosphate. This is achieved through the reaction of bone with sulphuric acid. The NSP is finally granulated into the required size and packed in paper bags of 50 Kg.

Currently, there is no alternative technology to produce NSP from crushed bone.

Bone Crushing
Bone Washer

Fat Extraction
Fat Storage Tank
Glue Extraction
Steam jacketed autoclave
Glue Container
Coarse filter
Evaporative unit
Series of plastic trays

NSP Production
Steam jacketed auto clave
Ball mill
Weight hoppers
Pan mixer, including standby
Drug line scraper

Auxiliary Equipment
Boiler and accessories
Conveyors far bone transfer
Mobile grab bucket (for crusher loading)

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