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Paper tubes, spools and drums making process

Paper tubes or cones, spools and drums are widely used as packages, shipping containers and component parts. These products are commonly used in the textile factories for winding threads and yarns as well as to form rolls of woven cloth or fabric (which in the later case the paper tubes are usually called bobbins). Also paper tubes are needed in plastic factories that produce poly films, sheets and woven fabrics. Paper factories as well require paper tubes for winding products such as toilet tissues and related items.

Kraft paper reel is unwounded and punched out into fan shape for paper cones and rectangular shape for paper tubes. After beveling and embossing, whenever necessary, the paper is glued and wind up into cone or tube shape using suitable filing or molding devices. The next step is to trim off both ends of the cone or tube, make an eye notch for yarn and finish by printing necessary marks on the surface of the finished product.

The gluing machine is to be placed as part of the continuous automatic line. But, there must be a separated paste preparation unit to supply the required quality of glue. Also the cutting and trimming operations may cause the formation of dust particles; therefore, dust extraction chamber should be fitted to the line.

The production of bobbins, spools, and cover out of paper is environment friendly. Paper wastes produced are very minimal and can be sold to paper recycling plants.

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