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Ultra Violet fly repellant making process

Raw Materials

The main raw materials used to produce ultra violet fly repellent plant are metal sheets, roads, weld mesh, wire ropes, ballast, transformer, ultra violet tube, and other electrical components.

The manufacturing process of the device can be briefly described as follows. First, sheet metal is cut in standard shapes in order to cover and support the various electrical components. This structure is then painted. A special gird is also to be fabricated from steel wire rod and nickel (chrome plated). Then a suitable protective guard fabricated from weld mesh is provided in order to prevent accidental contact with the grid.

Various electrical components like

transformer, ballasts, switches, fuses etc. are mounted on to the structure and suitability wired. Finally the whole system is inspected and tested before dispatch.

The alternative technological option involves the production of sonic repellant. This equipment makes use of sonic waves instead of UV light. The technology emits dual high-frequencies, i.e. audible sonic waves that irritate and drive flies away. Nonetheless, this alternative is not appropriate as it does not kill the flies.


  1. Press brake
  2. Hacksaw machine
  3. Pillar drilling machine
  4. Spot welding machine
  5. Manually operated press
  6. Arc. Welding machine
  7. Bench grinder
  8. Special tool& dies,
  9. Power shearing machine
  10. miscellaneous tools, tackles and electrical instrument, set

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