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How to make excercise books

The production process begins by conveying an endless ribbon of paper via unwinding unit into a printing and ruling machine. The paper is lined there, if necessary, according to the use (as writing or as an arithmetic book). Then the endless ribbon is cut into sheet layers by means of a rotary cross cutter, according to the width of the envisaged book. These sheet layers are counted and stacked.

In parallel to the sheet layers production, the covers are automatically conveyed to the production flow. Then the sheet layers and covers are stapled, folded and pressed. The exercise books so made still have a longitudinal size equal to the width of the paper ribbon, minimum 350 mm and maximum 720 mm. Therefore, they are cut down to their regular size by a cutting unit.

The final step in the production process is stacking and packaging of the finished exercise books or notebooks in certain numbers
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