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Wood cement board, How it is made?

Wood cement board commonly known as panel board agglomerated with cement has been developed as building element for prefabricated houses, particularly suitable for the implementation of low cost housing programs. Major raw materials are wooden frame, sand, cement, wood flakes or fiber(wood waste) , water and a foaming agent. 

The production process is simple and inexpensive.  The building element consists of a wooden frame that has thickness of 30 to 90 mm, width of 1,200 mm and height of 2,400 to 2,700 mm.  The wood frame serves as a casting mold and is being put horizontally upon a solid flat surface for the purpose to be filled with liquid mixture of cement, sand, wood flakes or fiber, water and a foaming agent.  After filling the frame with the mixture, the mixture hardens completely in some 10 to 12 hours. Being properly cured, it can then be assembled to prefabricated building.  

A video showing the installation of  cement board.

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