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Aluminium hydroxide production process

I have posted Aluminum related processes you would be interested in such as Aluminum sulfate(Alum) and Alum from Kaolin.

In the production of Aluminum hydroxide, sodium carbonate and water are dissolved in a vessel equipped with agitator.  The solution is then filtered. Then, aluminum sulfate is dissolved in water and added into sodium carbonate solution. Additional sufficient water is added to the final solution. The carbon dioxide produced is allowed to escape.  The solution is further diluted with cold water in a concrete tank and washed. The resulting gel is homogenized by agitation and packed.  Finally, some flavoring agents and preservatives are added. 

  • Vessel fitted with agitator
  • Filter press  
  • Aluminum trays  
  • Drier  
  • Pulverizer  
  • Demineralized water plant  
  • Concrete tank
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