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Aluminium sulfate from kaolin

Production process

Prepare 35% kaolin suspension in a reactor and add proportional amount of sulfuric acid. The leaching process is to be conducted at 145-150oC at 0.45 atm. for 4-6 hours. The post suspension in the reactor tank is agitated at 80oC and then filtered by filter press at 200 bars. The liquid and solid part is separated by filtration; the solid part (filter cake) is silica sand, which is the byproduct. The filtrate is a mixture of aluminum oxide and aluminum sulphate. The aluminum sulphate is separated from the oxide by evaporating at 113oC and crystallizing. 

The liquid waste to be generated due to leakage of pipes and vessels and washing of the production facility is collected in a concrete made containment vessel. The content will be neutralized by checking its PH and adding caustic soda till it becomes neutral and safe for disposal.

Production video

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