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Fruit based drinks

The fruit is fed into the brush washing machine. The remaining impurities are then removed by an air-injection washing machine. It then passes to the sorting line where damaged fruit is eliminated. The citrus fruit is transported to the fruit extraction device, which is connected to the oil separating device and the oil expeller device. Whole fruits are sorted according to size. After sorting according to size, the fruit passes in groups into the juice maker. From there the juice is delivered by pump to the clarification device where solid impurities are removed. Mixed with syrup, the purified fruit juice is pumped to the homogenizer. It passes through a preheated, an aerator and a condenser and is delivered to the homogenizer by screw pump. The homogenizer makes the micro-structure of the juice more homogeneous and improves its quality. 


The juice is then delivered to the pasteurizer and pumped in. It is sterilized by being kept for a period at the proper temperature. On leaving the pasteurizer, the juice passes either to the juice store or to the filling and bottling section. The filling machine fills the juice into bottles, jars or plastic containers.

Alternatively, fruit based drinks can be made using a cheaper production methods which require a high proportion of manual work. However, it is not advisable to prepare fruit based drinks by such method due to the problems that are related with quality control.
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