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Insecticide Aerosol

Production Process

The production process to be employed in the envisaged plant involves the preparation of the insecticide spray and bottling (can filling).

The insecticide raw material is blended with synergist and other ingredients such as aromatic essence to a given formulation. The blend is then filtered to remove any impurities. Alternatively, ready blended aerosol concentrate can be bought in and diluted. The can should be inspected on receipt and later air blast cleaned before the filling operation.

The product filler and crimper/gaster and mounted on an operating bench which has an integral extraction system. At this level of production, the cans are fed manually into the enclosures of both machines. It is also possible to employ automatic enclosure systems, which produce 12-15 cans a minute. The insecticide solution is pumped from the storage tank to the filling machine where the cans are filled. They are then passed to the crimper/gaster where they are filled with the propellant and sealed tight by fitting an inner stopper and cap.

The propellant is filtered before being pumped into the filler machine fitted with gas detection equipment. Finally the caps are mounted on the cans which are then packed in carton boxes for dispatch after inspection.
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