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1                    Production Process

The production process involves the following sub- processes.
·        Opening, Blending and Cleaning
·        Carding
·        Drawing
·        Roving
·        Spinning
·        Winding
·        Twisting

Opening, blending and cleaning: -All staple fibers must pass through some form of opening, blending and cleaning to convert compressed bales of fiber into an open sheet for presentation to the carding machine.
Carding: - is the last major cleaning and opening operation in the normal process and converts the open flock into a condensed sliver reducing its weight per meter to 100th of the flock weight.

Drawing: - The draw frame draws several slivers from the card and attenuates them to the dimensions of one thus increasing the uniformity of the product.

Roving:- The objective of roving is to attenuate further and to even the sliver, give it some twist to the strength required at this stage, and wind onto a bobbin to fit a ring frame creel. This process is eliminated in open-end [rotor] spinning.

Spinning: - It is the final process in the transformation of fiber into yarn or thread.
Spinning twists fibers of finite length together to form a long, continuous length of thread or yarn. The yarn is finally wound in appropriate container like cone, cops, reel etc. by using winding machine according to the market demand.

The production of yarn starts from dyed fiber as a result no finishing operation is involved which uses many chemicals which requires treatment plant before disposal. So the envisaged plant has no any adverse impact on environment.
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