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Granite Cutting Process Description

Dimension stone is the collective description of natural stone, which has been extracted from the earth in an orderly manner, further worked by cutting and processing, then used in various building activities either structurally or for decorative purposes. It includes panels and tiles from marble, granite, slate, sandstone basalt and other related materials
The successful and economical working of granite quarries depends upon an intelligent application of a knowledge of the structure of the rock and its natural divisions in the mass, as well as upon improved methods, tools, and machinery for quarrying. The topographical location of the quarry and its relation to facilities for transportation are important factors that affect the productiveness and greatly modify the actual cost of operations in a given place.

The manufacturing process of granite blocks and slabs involves the following operations: quarry opening; blasting; cutting; polishing and ornamenting.

Quarrying for dimension stone requires a specialized method of extraction. Normal
quarrying methods use large quantities of explosives to move huge volumes for breaking down into aggregate. This creates cracking throughout the stone, which renders it unsuitable for our purpose. Many a dimension stone quarry has been rendered useless by the over use of explosives.

Wire sawing is used for primary block extraction. The system consists of a long stranded wire or diamond tipped wire fed through a series of pulleys and assisted by abrasives. Stranded wire has been used for many years in marble and sandstone, whilst improvements in diamond technology, has seen the recent introduction of wire sawing in granite quarries. The yield from wire sawing is much higher and gives a semi finished surface which allows a close examination of the material before further working.
Cutting is performed by a gang-saw for producing granite slabs. Gang sawing uses a reciprocating frame with up to 120 steel blades working theirs way through the block. It can take up to one week to saw each block. Granite cutting has no adverse impacts on the environment.
1. Gang block cutting machine
2. Slide cutting machine
3. Trolley type cutting machine
4. Polishing machine, pneumatic
5. Polishing machine, hand operated
6. Auto polisher, twin head
7. Quarry equipment Set
8. Tools Set
9. Mining equipment Set
10. Auxiliary equipment
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