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Crust Leather Production Process with flow sheet

Raw Materials

The main raw materials for production of crust leather from wet-blue leather stage are wet-blue leather, oils, synthetic tannins, vegetable tannins, aniline dyes, sodium bicarbonate, sodium acetate and formic acid.

Crust Leather Production Process with flow sheet

Flow sheet of crust leather production

The processes that follow from the wet-blue leather stage to produce crust blue leather are mentioned below.

a) Trimming
Rough edges of leather are trimmed to remove uneven, and ragged edges.

b) Splitting
Thick hides will be split by splitting machine. The top layer is called the grain part and the bottom layer, flesh part.

c) Shaving
Thickness of splits is adjusted in a machine fitted with shaving blades which reduce the substance of the leather according to the desired thickness.

d) Retanning, fat liquoring and dyeing
This is a combined process in which the semi-finished leathers will get a final tanning and some further treatment.

e) Setting out
As in sammying thin process involves the removal of moisture content. Creases are
also removed at this stage.

f) Drying
The damp leather is dried. In hot weather natural drying is preferred.

g) Conditioning
After drying, leather becomes stiff. For further operations, a certain degree of conditioning, i.e. moistening the leather to 28 to 30 per cent moisture content, is essential. Then, staking and sorting unit operations follow.

In the production of crust leather substantial effluent is generated. Full or partial treatment of effluent is essential to avert its adverse impact on environment.

List of Main Equipments

Drum (retaning / dyeing)
Wringing machine
Setting out machine
Spliting machine
Shaving machine
Vacuum dryer, 2-plate
Drying machine, Tunnel drier
Measuring machine
Balance, heavy duty
Scales, hand tools transport wagons, pallets, work tables & pipings

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