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Plastic Buttons Making Process

Raw Materials
The main raw materials for the plant will be acrylic sheet and urea formaldehyde. The acrylic sheets are cut into required pieces i.e. 1inch to 1.5 inch and 2 inch width on the sheet cutting machine. Round pieces of actual size of the buttons are then made on a drill machine with the help of a hollow mill cutter. Thereafter, proper designing/ shaping is done on the buttons by the designing /shaping machine. The designing of the type of fish eye is obtained with the help of slotting machine. Other such type of suitable designs can also be made with the help of slotting machine which is attached to the designing/shaping machine. After the completion of the above process, the buttons are polished. Lastly 2 to 4 holes as may be required are made in bottom. This is done on the hole-master machine.

The following is the sequence of operation
  • Cutting of acrylic sheet to rough shaped buttons
  • Cutting to required size and shape
  • Forming of designs on the front surface
  • Drilling of holes
  • Polishing of buttons
  • Packing
For urea formaldehyde buttons, the molding powder is first converted in to tablets of suitable size and width by tableting machine. These tablets are preheated in an oven and thereafter, compression molded in to buttons by a semi-automatic compression molding machine. The molded buttons are buffed if necessary and then packed.
Machinery and Equipment
1. Acrylic Button Section
  • Sheet Cutting Machine
  • Drilling Machine
  • Design/Shaping Machine
  • Hole-Master Machine
  • Grinding/Polishing Machine
2. Urea Formaldehyde
  • Power Operated Tableting Machine
  • Semi-automatic Compression Molding Machine with 10 HP, Working Press 50 MT, Table size 16x 18 inch
  • Heating Oven 3x4x4
  • Polishing Barrels( Wooden Hexagonal shape fitted with driving motor)
  • Dies and MoldsWeighing Balance, Caliper, Gauges etc

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