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PVC production process flow sheet

Polyvinyl chloride flow chart

The production process is a simple polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). The upstream process which would normally involve production and subsequent chlorinating of ethanol to produce vinyl chloride is not included.

At the initial stage of PVC resin production, VCM, demineralized water and suspending agents are added into the polymerizer. The contents are heated up to 560C before adding the initiator emulsion. The polymerization takes place in a water phase inside a reactor (polymerized). The reaction proceeds for about 8 hours with a continuous recovery of non-reacted monomer. In the next step, the product is introduced in to a centrifuge to dewater it and the cake from the centrifuge is let into a fluid bed dryer to get dried. The final product is sieved and bagged in sacks of 25kg. machinery required include reactor (polymerizer), centrifuge, fluid bed dryer and others.


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