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Gabion - mesh wire - making process

 Gabion is a large rectangular box of netted wire (mesh) used in civil engineering works. Gabion has long been used as a transition method of construction and engineering for protecting river banks from erosion, for hardening the shoulder of roads and the face of slopes to prevent landslide. Gabion is also used for the foundation of water reservoirs.

The plant itself is a simple one. The most important things are power to move the machineries and transporting the heavy raw materials and products.

Galvanized iron wire is set on an automatic wire netting machine and knitted into diamond shaped wire netting. In order to shape the wire netting into the designated tubular form or rectangular cube form, the backbone framework is made. This backbone framework is
inserted in the central portion and outer edge of the wire netting to produce the desired tubular or rectangular cube form.

There are two types of automatic machine, the fully automatic type chain-link wire netting machine and the semi-automatic type wire netting machine. The latter type requires considerable skill, and so there will be quite a loss in the beginning. Therefore, the fully automatic type is recommended.

The automatic type is desirable also from the point of low cost and mass production. The automatic type will also enable knitting of big or small mesh fence netting and rockslide (landslide) prevention netting of various lengths.

Alternative Technology

Gabion Basket

Gabion baskets (Boxes) are structures which shall be made of hexagonal Galvanized/pvc Alu-zinc coated double mild steel wire mesh.  Gabion baskets shall be supplied in various lengths, widths and heights.  In order to strengthen the baskets, all the edges of structure selvedges with wire of greater diameter. Usually Gabion baskets which have bigger length than 2m is divided into cells by pandls (called disphgram) positioned per meter.

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