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Spices production process (dry grinding)

Spices can be ground with two different methods: dry grinding and wet grinding. The process in dry grinding follows cleaning, sun-drying, pulverizing, screening and packaging steps. In wet grinding the process is cleaning, wet grinding, screening, spray drying and packaging.

The process of dry grinding is very simple which starts from the procurement of whole spices sent to the grinding process where mixing is also carried out. Mixed spices are stored in tanks or large sized tumblers from where it is shifted to the packaging machines to be converted into desired packet sizes.
Unlike a manufacturing concern, a spices business has a very basic process flow diagram
which enables a person to understand the underlying principles involved in the workflow.
The process flow consists of four steps:

a) Finish Drying – Generally dried spices are used which need to be further checked whether humidity has influenced the quality. A finish drying may be needed if material is not completely dried. Various types of dryers are used for processing spices, ranging from simple sun drying to gas or kerosene-fired dryers.
b) Grinding and Mixing – Spices are grinded and mixed using stone mill.
c) Packing – Grinded spices are packed into desired sizes using automatic packaging machines.
d) Storage – Finished packets are packed and stored in warehouse.
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