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PVC cables production process

Basically the process of making PVC cable involves the coating of the copper wire with PVC plastic. And the process of coating or covering the wire takes the following stages. A wire tensioning and pay off unit carrying the base wire drums releases the wire under proper tension to the cross head mounted on the extruder. The extruder melts and delivers the required quantity of PVC compound to the cross head carrying suitable size nipples and dies in which the actual coating takes place. 

A long water trough cools the coated wire. PVC granules are fed to the extruder as cold granules are heated to the required temperature. A pulling out and winding arrangement takes up the covered wire from the cooling trough at uniform rate by means of a capstan wheel. Plant and machinery needed include wire standing machine, PVC extruder and wire coating machine, wire straightening machine and accessories, cable printing machine and accessories, coated wire twisting machine for twisting together PVC coated wire, cable rewinding machine complete with reel stand, length measuring unit and coil reminder, insulation testing machine and equipment, thickness measuring instruments and other miscellaneous equipment. 

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