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Production processes for transforming woven or knitted fabrics into garments

Fabric laying
In this process the fabric is laid on a long table in multilayer arrangement, using a special machine with reciprocating carriage. This process is applied for the main garment fabric, and also the lining fabric. 

Placing patterns
After collecting the number of fabric layers, the patterns of the garment are placed on top of the layers, and fixed by special pins. 

The multilayers are cut according to the patterns by using electric cutter which moves around the patterns to produce garment parts and, similarly lining parts and interlining parts 

In this process, the garment parts are assembled together by stitching on sewing machines. Also, the lining
parts are assembled by sewing operation.

Sticking interlining
In this process, stiffening interlining pieces are heat pressed on some garment pieces, using a special heat press. 

This is a finishing process to remove wrinkles from garment and give a neat appearance

In this process, finished garments are packed in plastic bags, then in carton boxes according to the size.
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