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How to make egg tray from waste paper

This post  is one in a series of posts on paper like how to make re-pulped paper, paper from straw and small scale paper.

Raw Materials

To make egg trays from waste paper, the following materials are required. Waste paper, caustic soda and other fibrous materials are the main raw materials. 

The waste paper is beaten with a stick and any dust and other undesired materials are   removed. Then the  waste paper is cut in to pieces using a cutting machine which can be  operated either manually or electrically. 

The cut pieces are transferred to a beater and water is added and then the beater is set in  motion. After  storing the pulp for some time, Caustic soda is added (if needed). Now the pulp  is taken to a dilution tank  with the  help of a pump. 

Dilution takes places with the addition of more water; next the mounding operation takes  place. The molds  are  made of wood. A wire gauge mold is fixed at the bottom of the wooden vats. When the  pulp solution  is stirred well, the bottom of the mold is removed. The water in the solution  passes the mesh and comes  out and  the fibrous material deposit on the mesh evenly and  takes-up the shape of an egg tray. The tray is  then dried  along with the wire mesh. The  wire  mesh is removed from the tray and after  drying the trays are  cut in to  desired sizes  and marketed.

This is how to make egg trays from waste paper. This is a creative idea on using waste paper.  Next time I  will  post how to make handmade paper. Don´t forget to subscribe to get email  updates on new posts!  Here are  some paper related posts 

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