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Gem stone production process

 Raw Materials

The main raw materials are raw gem stones and Oxides such as Tin Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Curium Oxide and Chrome Oxide. The process generally is grading, cutting and polishing of gemstones that will be obtained from the land to be leased for this purpose. That is, first the roughs come in small rhyolite geodes filled with opal. Then the individual raw stone is
examined (graded) and cut into smaller stones along its major line of fracture and inclusions.


The smaller pieces are then mounted on cutting tools, which are then faceted on faceting

machines. The final operation involves polishing of the faceted stones. Polished stones are then delivered to the customers or sold to the market.

The production technology of gemstone is relatively labor intensive. Thus, the available technological option in the industry is a proportional adjustment of labor and machinery based on the required capacity of production.

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