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Amine gas treatment process with flow sheet

Amine treating plants remove CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2S (hydrogen sulfide) from natural gas. 

Flow sheet of Amine treatment ( drawn by RFF software)
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Amine Gas Sweetening Process

  1. Sour gas enters the contactor tower and rises through the descending amine.
  2. Purified gas flows from the top of the tower.
  3. The amine solution is now considered Rich and is carrying absorbed acid gases.
  4. The Lean amine and Rich amine flow through the heat exchanger, heating the Rich amine.
  5. Rich amine is then further heated in the regeneration still column by heat supplied from thereboiler. The steam rising through the still liberates H2S and CO2, regenerating the amine.
  6. Steam and acid gases separated from the rich amine are condensed and cooled.
  7. The condensed water is separated in the reflux accumulator and returned to the still.
  8. Hot, regenerated, lean amine is cooled in a solvent aerial cooler and circulated to the contactor tower, completing the cycle.

Amine sweetening process video

Principles of Amine sweetening

 Amine processing steps

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