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Laminated leather belt making steps

Portions of chrome-tanned leather, free from cuts are used for the fabrication of laminated leather beltings.

First, dried splits of chrome tanned leather are cut into straps at right angle in a round-strap cutting machine. A long roll is made by joining leather pieces of equal sizes with suitable adhesive cement applied to the end after splicing. The joint portion is kept under pressure in a cold press to ensure proper bonding.

The ready leather roll is fed into the splitting machine to cut appropriate sizes suitable for uniform sandwiching. The flesh side is buffed and a polymer resin is applied. The final operation is insertion of nylon flesh in between two leather rolls under hot hydraulic press. Both leather and nylon film are kept under heat and pressure for a certain period of time in order to produce a long roll of leather nylon sandwiched belting.

The final roll after lamination is mounted on a winding frame for a few days and thereafter ends of the roll are trimmed by using a circular knife and subsequently buffed on a buffing machine in order to clear unwanted material and gloss if produced during the process of lamination. The process does not have any adverse impact on environment.
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